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Get Dual Boost immunity support and energy from this daily immunity shot. Boost Energy + Immunity is packed with Earths most powerful nootropics and adaptogens, energizing ginseng, organic green tea, ashwagandha, and lions mane to support your immunity and give you energy. No crash. No crazy buzz. Just fresh pressed immunity and focus to get you through your day. Our doctor crafted immunity boosters were created with holistic wellness in mind, and we extend that to our stewardship of the planet. We use recycled plastic and packaging, our farmers practice regenerative farming, and we use ugly produce to reduce over 1 million pounds of food waste. We are committed to the freshest ingredients; no added sugar, no artificial ingredients or colors, and never watered down.-Energy and Immunity shots delivered fresh. Ginger and turmeric with green tea, ashwagandha, lion’s mane, and ginseng to support immunity to give you natural energy.-Potent immunity booster. Organic green tea, ginseng, adaptogens, and nootropics aid in energy and immunity. No sugar added, no artificial ingredients or colors, no water added.-Immunity paired with energy. A 2-in-1 daily energy shot to perk you up with natural energy and the ultimate immune system strengthener.-Vive Organic wants to spark doctor crafted holistic wellness and sustainable practices. Recycled plastics, “ugly” produce to reduce food waste, and regenerative farming.-Make proactive immunity part of your daily routine. Spark your immunity with potent juice shots that pack a punch.

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