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Really Raw Honey – 16 oz (1×16 OZ)


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Never Barreled, Heated or Strained. Contains Pollen, Propolis, and Honeycomb. Really Raw Honey never transports their bees to pollinate commercial crops. Really Raw Honey never spoils, it lasts indefinitely. Naturally diverse: Really Raw Honey bees choose the honey’s color and texture by the local varieties of wildflowers they forage. Enjoy their diversity! Delightful flavor: You’ll love the award-winning flavor – it’s delicious right form the spoon. enjoy it as a replacement for other sweeteners. Heavenly fragrance: One whiff of the distinctive wildflower aroma reveals the living vitality in every jar of Really Raw Honey. Cappings: the healthy difference: Inside, you’ll find golden honey “cappings”: crunchy bits of honeycomb, pollen and porpolis that can be chewed like gum. Noting added.. or taken away: Really Raw Honey never heat or strain Really Raw Honey, giving you the smooth, dense texture – a natural gift from the bees! The bees rest in the winter! Really Raw Honey never transport their bees to pollinate commercial crops, and they embrace traditional, local in-season only, low-stress beekeeping that helps keep their bees healthy. Holistic Healing: Really Raw Honey never barrel their honey, packing each year’s new crop by hand, straight from “hive to jar,” as they have for over 30 years, in the USA.

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Weight 1.81 lbs
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1/16 OZ


16 OZ



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