Annie’s Homegrown Bunnies Cheddar Snack Mix (12×9 Oz)

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Pretzels & Crackers & CHEESE Galore! Hop Hop Hooray! Im Organic! Made with 100% Real Cheese. Baked Cheddar Crackers, Buttery Rich Crackers & Pretzels. No Artificial Preservatives or Ingredients. Annies fondness for cheese goes back twenty years. So, not surprisingly,they have mixedtheir Original Organic Snack Mix Cheddar Bunnies, Buttery Rich Bunnies, and Pretzels with a light seasoning of Organic Valley cheddar cheese. Different bunny shapes with three distinctive, delicious flavors made even more delicious with the complement of cheese. Theirlight and crunchy snack mix is baked with the highest quality certified organic ingredients, like organic wheat and organic cheese. Your food choices do matter. With every nibble you are supporting organic growers. Thanks for choosing Annies. THINK ORGANIC. THINK ORGANICFor a Healthy Planet and a Healthy You! THINK ORGANIC lets people know thatthey support the organic movement and the philosophy behind it. It encourages others to buy organic products and to support local farmers whenever possible. Organic farmers keep alive a shrinking, but sacred way of life. They are committed to a sustainable future and needyour support. Take a moment and consider the impact of every dollar you spend. Think about what you are actually supporting with your purchased. Display your THINK ORGANIC deal in a place where people will see it. You just might provoke other to think and shop organic as well. Lets keep this ripple going.

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