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Formulated in 1838 as a medicinal tonic, Peychaud’s aromatic bitters quickly became a favorite of 19th-century bartenders. Today, it is one of only two bitters brands to survive Prohibition unscathed.Cocktail bitters are spirits infused with flavors, typically from plants, fruits, or spices. They date as far back as the early 1800s, originally used to assist with digestion and cure stomach aches. Infusing your cocktail recipes with just a few drops of bitters will give them an additional level of flavor depth. Many bitters are also renowned for their ability to cure hangovers.Peychaud’s are lumped in the same category as Angostura aromatic bitters but boast a telltale bright red color and slightly sweeter flavor profile with loads of warm Christmas spices. A few dashes is essential to the classic sazerac and Vieux carr, which means your bar can’t be without a bottle.

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