La Preferida: Marinated Tender Cactus, 28 Oz


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Dontbe intimidated by this unusual ingredient. Cactus can be a versatile and unique addition to your cooking routine. Our canned variety makes it much easier to prepared than the fresh paddles you find at the store. No spines to remove here!Its naturally mellow taste makes it ideal for salads, soups or even as a side dish. A simple wash in cold water to remove the brine will do the trick. Then, season as you like! Try tossing in Italian dressing along with fresh tomatoes and red onion for a refreshing summer salad.Or for a roasted version, cook in grill basket (to prevent slipping through the cracks) or in a cast-iron skillet for the charred flavor. Cactus can often be the star of many vegetarian dishes as well like our Nopalito Tostadas featured below.

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28 OZ


28 OZ

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