Fever Tree: Soda Tonic Water Lte 8pk, 40.56 Fo


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We believe a spirit is only as good as the mixer it’s paired with. That’s why at Fever-Tree, everything we do starts and ends with taste. In our quest for the perfect tonic water, we spent days in the British Library researching quinine sources before travelling to some of the most remote parts of the world, venturing as far as the Democratic Republic of the Congo to find quinine of the highest quality.Quinine is the vital ingredient in any tonic water but it’s the purity of ours that gives Fever-Tree its unique taste. That, and the way it is carefully blended with other naturally sourced botanicals like bitter orange oils from Mexico, makes for a gin and tonic that’s crisp, clean and like no other.

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Weight 2.98 lbs
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40.56 FL OZ


40.56 FL OZ

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