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Vitacup: Coffee Grnd Beauty Blend, 10 Oz


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INFUSED COFFEE WITH ACOLLAGEN BOOSTMeet your new morning ritual; Beauty Blend. Nourishing your inner goddess has never been easier (or tasted better!). When you start with expertly roasted gourmet coffee and infuse high quality vitamins, antioxidants, and superfoods, the result is exquisite.YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAYGOURMET COFFEE- A smooth, satisfying medium roast made with 100% Arabica beans sourced from Mexico and Brazil.BEAUTY BOOSTERS- A unique blend of collagen, essential vitamins, and antioxidants to nourish your inner goddess.YOUR NEW MORNING REGIMENGLOW ON BABE-Collagen Type I +3Master no-makeup mornings with your skin’s new BFF. This powerhouse protein is crucial for skin’s elasticity, keeping it supple, taut and radiant.OPERATION B-EAUTY-Biotin (B7) +Methylfolate (B9)Killer B’s, each an all-star in the beauty community! These vital nutrients are key in helping our bodies to maintain envious hair and nails.ANTI-FOX-IDANT-CinnamonSweet and powerful, this super-spice delivers beloved antioxidants, which support in the fight against free radicals.We believe everyday should be an “I woke up looking like this” day and that starts from within. That’s why we developed a unique blend of all-star beauty ingredients intended for show-stopping hair, skin, and nails. Healthy on the inside, glowing on the outside.

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10 OZ


10 OZ

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