Teeccino: Tea Reishi Eleuthe Mushrm, 10 Ct

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The rock stars of the plant & mushroom kingdoms are blended together to infuse ultimate health protection into your cup. Heres the skinny: Adaptogens help your body adapt to all kinds of stress while giving a boost to your endurance and immunity. We can all use more of that!Reishi, revered for 2000 years in Asia as the Mushroom of Longevity, is paired with eleuthero, whose ginseng-like properties inspired Russian scientists to coin the term adaptogen. Blended with prebiotic chicory and deep roasted ramn seeds, experience bold, rich flavor with adaptogens fortifying your defenses!Teeccinos selection of adaptogenic mushrooms optimally paired with adaptogenic herbs are blended to enhance their combined wellness benefits. Fruiting bodies are what we think of as mushrooms while mycelium are like the roots and branches of mushrooms. I decided to include both parts of the mushrooms in Teeccino Mushroom Adaptogen Herbal Coffees because each provides valuable health benefits. The synergy of all these mushroom and herbal adaptogens blended together brings delicious well-being to your cup.

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