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Pablitos Salsa Co.: House Salsa Mild, 16 Oz


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Our salsa is 100% natural. Using natural preservatives and no MSG’s, to make it last long and taste better than our competitors.PLEASE, JUST READ the LABEL!!!Our competitors claim to be natural and fresh, but how it is possible keep fresh vegetables for a long shelf life??? Do you ever see Calcium Chloride on salsa labels with expiration dates 2-3 months or longer? Probably, YES. Think about this. Calcium Chloride is commonly used in food production as a preservative. For sure, it can keep the salsa fresh, but do you know where else you can see this stuff? -Calcium Chloride is also commonly used in agricultural business to keep tractor tires from freezing during winter.Calcium Chloride ingested in large amounts can cause hydrolyses which is the chemical reaction that causes heat and damage to your soft tissues. So, do you really want to put this stuff into your stomach?Pablitos Salsa Co. has taken a different approach in production of salsa to produce the healthiest and 100% natural on the market. Just read the label. Better to be safe than sorry!

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Weight 5.88 lbs
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16 OZ


16 OZ

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