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Rufus Teague Bbq Sauce 4 Variety 24 Count Display Shipper, 1 Ds


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TOUCH O’ HEAT BBQ SAUCERufuskicked it up a bit with this one. He always said, Just hasatouch of heat. Just enough to let you know its there.This sauce has theperfect amount ofspice hangin out with all that delicious sweetness. Trust us, this ones special.WHISKEY MAPLE BBQ SAUCEOl’ Rufus liked his whiskey. One day he got all roostered-up and decided to add a little hooch to his sauce. He then threw in a little maple syrup to “sweeten the deal”. It was no big surprise that he liked it enough to keep on makin’ it. The result…HONEY SWEET BBQ SAUCEThe name says it all with this award winning sauce.Thick and rich with plentyof real honey and natural sweetness.This was Rufuss first sauce and still a favorite with all who try it. Great for grillin, dippinand drinkin straight out of the bottle.SMOKY APPLE BBQ SAUCEEnjoy the thick, rich flavors of Kansas City barbecue with a new twist…APPLE! This unique sauce will liven up any dish with a kick of tangy apple to compliment its sweet and smoky goodness.

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